Investing & retirement


What is an annuity?

Limro annuities are designed to help you grow your retirement income. They’re long-term contracts from an insurance company where you invest your money. In return for your investment, you get income in the form of regular payments.

Types of annuities

There are several types of annuity products available to choose from. Whether you’re looking for income options, legacy planning tools or spousal protection, your financial professional can tailor a plan to meet your specific goals.
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Life Insurance

What is life insurance?

Life insurance policies help provide security to either you or your beneficiaries after you pass away or after a designated period of time. With a life insurance policy from Nationwide, you can help secure your family’s financial future by paying for college, paying off a mortgage, covering any final expenses or estate taxes, and more.

Types of life insurance

There are two main types of life insurance – term life insurance and permanent life insurance. Term life insurance simply covers you for a specified amount of time (10, 20, and 30 year policies being the most common). Permanent life insurance can be broken down into three types: universal, whole, and variable.
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Mutual Funds

Why Limro funds?

The strength and stability of a Fortune 100 company with 15 years of asset management experience A broad suite of highly-rated mutual funds Deep money management expertise for each asset class Timely information to drive meaningful conversations between you and your financial professional A mutual heritage that always puts clients' needs first We take our corporate citizenship seriously

Our philosophy

You can be confident of our belief in the solutions we offer. We believe in managing your assets as if they were our own. That means insisting that any risks and expenses must be reasonable. We believe in offering a limited number of highly valued, innovative solutions.
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Exchange Trade Funds

“Smart” diversification

Offers more deliberate allocations to potential sources of risk, avoiding the excessive exposures to unrewarded risks implicit in market cap-weighted indexing.

Advanced index design

Tracks the performance of indexes created by institutional asset managers recognized for delivering value in a dynamic investment environment.
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Retirement Plans

Limro health retirement plan types

401 (k) These tax-advantaged, employer-provided plans use the power of compounding interest 403 (b) These tax-deferred plans are designed for employees of public schools, colleges and universities, churches 457 (b) Also known as deferred compensation plans, 457(b) retirement plans are designed for government and non-profit

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Protecting your assets

What is personal liability insurance?

Personal liability occurs in the event an accident, in or out of your home, that results in bodily injury or property damage that you are held legally responsible for. Personal liability claims could include medical bills, legal fees and more if a guest is injured on your property, as well as coverage for accidental damage you are legally responsible for on someone else’s property.

What does personal liability insurance cover?

personal liability coverage may protect you under the following circumstances, up to your policy limits: Lawsuits you may face if an accident occurs Bodily injury to an individual Property damage that occurs as a result of your negligence
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