Medical Credentialing/Insurance credentialing

Easy Tips For Quick , Accurate and Simplifying The Provider Credentialing Process 


Medical Credentialing / Insurance Credentialing

Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial insurances, CAQH

Hospital Privileging


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Medical Billing / Revenue Cycle Management

Verification of Benefits

Claims Submission & Coding Services

Insurance Contract Rate Negotiation

Negotiate rates with your in-network insurances

Negotiate out of network Claims (Medical Billing)

Limro Medical Credentialing

We are a physician led company which was founded in 2014. We initially began providing medical credentialing services to a limited specialties. Over the years has grown significantly with experience in medical provider insurance credentialing and medical credentialing along with medical billing in 12 states. As of 2020, we have served over 1000 clients with several thousands of providers in all areas of medical practices.